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Motor Home Title
Are you converting your bus to a motor home?
We can get your title changed!
Saving you the headache of trying to figuring out what needs to be done in your state.

We can install new IC Headlights for $250 each.

Vinyl lettering & Wraps Available

Hitch Receiver Installation available

Front Engine Without Lights $1200
Front Engine With Lights $1350

Rear Engine Hitch
Rear Engine Hitch Install
Rear Engine Without Lights $1400
Rear Engine With Lights $1500

Don't need seats?  We can remove them for you!

Seat Removeal $20, Seat Disposal $5

Don't need  the wheel chair lift?  We can remove it for $400

Chrome Wheel Inserts Installed - Only $950 per bus
chrome wheel insert rear chrome wheel insert front
chrome wheel insert bus

Custom work can be done
please call 727-856-3000 or email for more info

please click here to visit floridachurchbus.com

we can delivery any of our vehicles to your doorstep.  Click here for information

Click Image for more pictures & details
New Joseph the Giraffe Large Plush
Approx. Size = 10½" Long x 6" Wide x 9" Tall
$30 Free Shipping