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We Can have your bus painted for less than most shops.
Current Prices for a basic white paint job (w/ black wheels & bumpers & detailed after painting).
Price is based on how many rows the bus will hold.

5 Rows or less
6 Rows
7 Rows
8 Rows
9 Rows
10 Rows
11 Rows
12 Rows
13 Rows
14 Rows
15 Rows

Options available

Click here for color options

Remove stop lights on top of bus, $250 each end/ $500 per bus, remove side stop sign & crossing guard $200
The holes are covered with steel that is welded in place.  Then they are sanded smooth, for a
professional look.

Remove hood mirrors (bus boys) & fill holes $300

Color other than white $100 for every 3 rows.

  Trim a different color than base coat $300

2 tones $500

These are some after photos of buses
Click Here to see other paint jobs

Vinyl lettering available

Hitch Receiver Installation available

Front Engine Without Lights $849
Front Engine With Lights $949

Rear Engine Hitch
Rear Engine Hitch Install
Rear Engine Without Lights $949
Rear Engine With Lights $1049

Don't need seats?  We can remove them for you!

Seat Removeal $20, Seat Disposal $5

Don't need  the wheel chair lift?  We can remove it for $300
We can also install more seats to give you more passenger capacity.

Chrome Wheel Inserts Installed - Only $950 per bus
chrome wheel insert rear chrome wheel insert front
chrome wheel insert bus

Are you looking for LED school bus lights?

A Red 7" tail/stop/turn
B Yellow 7" turn
C Red 4" stop light w/ license plate light
D Yellow marker light
E Red marker light

Motor Home Title
Are you converting you bus to a motor home?
We can get your title changed!
Saving you the headache of trying to figuring out what needs to be done in your state.

Custom work can be done
please call 727-856-3000 or email for more info

please click here to visit floridachurchbus.com

we can delivery any of our vehicles to your doorstep.  Click here for information